Obama Care

The press often features Obama Care. There are thousands of pro and con articles to be found. Just a sampling:

The Los Angeles Times
“Sticking With Obama Care” Editorial
March 13, 2013
Summary: The editorial urges citizens to be patient with Obama Care as it is a positive thing with many beneficial gains to be had.
The Los Angeles Times
“Obama Care Pushes Health Costs Up: Where to Take Your Gripes”
David Lazarus
April 23, 2014
Summary: David Lazarus carefully analyzes the rising cost of health care due to the Obama Care.
New York Times
US Cannot Subsidize Health Plans In States With No Marketplace, a Judge Rules”
Robert Pear
October 1, 2014
Summary: This is an informative piece explaining the dos and don’ts of marketplaces and states with out marketplaces.
New York Times
“Can a Company Reimburse Employees Who Buy Their Own Health Insurance? Maybe.
Robb Mandelbaum
September 30, 2014
Summary: Mandelbaum discuss reimbursements relative to Obama Care.
New York Times
“Affordable Care Act Reduces Costs for Hospitals Report Says”
Robert Pear
September 25, 2014
Summary: Pear informs his readers that the cost of a hospital stay has decreased because of Obama Care.
Time Magazine
“Survey: Numbers of Americans Without Health Insurance Fall”
Laura Stampler
September 16, 2014
Summary: Before Obama Care, 45 million Americans did not have health care insurance. After the first enrollment window, that number has decreased. He anticipates, with credible support, that that number will decrease even more after the 2015 enrollment window closes.
Time Magazine
“Obama Care Enrollment Tops 7 Million”
Alex Rogers
September 18, 2014
Summary: This article by Alex Rogers presents the data concerning Obama Care enrollments.
Natural News
“Work Hours Being Cut in Preparation for Obama Care Employer Mandate”
July 1, 2014
Summary: Employers are and will be cutting staff in order to stay below the 50 maximum number making a business be required to provide the health care starting in 2016.
Natural News
“Before Long All of Obama Care will be Run Like the VA Hospital System”
May 6, 2014
Summary: There are concerns that the Obama Care will slip in a state much like VA hospitals have done. This article explores this possibility and how to prevent this from happening.
US News
“Millions of People Have Health Insurance Thanks to Obama Care”
Robert Schlesinger
January 3, 2014
Summary: Schlesinger writes of what positive things the Obama Care has provided to millions of under insured or un-insured citizens of the United States.
USA Today
“Feds Give Immigrants More Time on Health Care”
Jayne O’Donnell
November 15, 2014
Summary: O’Donnell reports on immigrants and what Obama Care means to them and offers to them.
USA Today
“New Health Plans’ Limitation Anger Enrollees”
Julie Appleby
July 27, 2014
Summary: Appleby brings up a glitch for limitations and enrollees into the Obama Care program.